Why Properly Sealing Your Brick Pavers is Essential

brick paver maintenanceInstalling brick pavers for your driveway or walkway is a great aesthetic and cost-effective choice, but if you really want to ensure that the beauty of your pavers stands the test of time they need to be properly sealed. Hiring our paver restoration team to seal your brick pavers will help you when it comes to:

Maintaining Structural Integrity

Even though your brick pavers are much sturdier than other types of paving material, they are still susceptible to erosion from weather conditions and everyday wear and tear. There is also the possibility of weeds growing up through the pavers and compromising the structural integrity of your driveway.

Properly sealing your pavers protects them from the abuse of wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. In addition, paver sealant can slow down the growth of weeds, algae and moss.

Enhancing the Aesthetic of Your Pavers

Brick pavers are made from semi-porous material, making them vulnerable to staining and marking. By undergoing our sealing process, you can prevent the absorption of stains and keep your driveway looking great for years to come.

Properly sealed pavers are also more aesthetically pleasing than unsealed pavers. Sealant prevents the colors from fading and in fact deepens the stones’ natural color. The sealing can also be completed using your desired finish for a polished, elegant look.

Making Brick Paver Maintenance Easier

Applying the proper sealant also makes brick paver maintenance easier over time. For more information about brick paver sealing and maintenance, contact our team today.

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