Benefits of Brick Paver Maintenance

Don’t let your beautiful hardscape features show signs of aging and other issues. When your backyard or front yard is looking worse for wear, turn to us at Nu-Again to turn back the clock on your pavers. When it comes to brick paver sealing companies in St. Charles, Illinois, we will restore your setup to the beautiful design you enjoyed when it was first installed. Our specialists work with all varieties of hardscaping features. No matter how extreme the damage is, you can count on us to restore your fixtures while preventing future problems from developing. Schedule a free estimate with us today for each of your service needs.

The Benefits of Brick Paver Sealing

Paver systems in Illinois are vulnerable to the harsh seasons found in the area. From the strong sun to the extreme cold, various weather conditions can lead to a number of problems. In time, un-sealed pavers begin to look worn, faded, and dull. Properly restored pavers will renew the surface color and provide a protective barrier from the elements and their damaging effects. If you don’t want to completely replace your paver system, brick paver sealing is the perfect solution.

Stain Prevention & Easier Maintenance

Most pavers today are made of concrete, which is by its very nature a semi-porous material, susceptible to all kinds of staining and marking. Oil, grease, and rust are very difficult to remove from unsealed pavers because they are so easily absorbed. By undergoing paver sealing services, you will help prevent the absorption of these stains. Paver sealing also slows the growth of everything from algae and mold to mildew and weeds, making ongoing maintenance of a properly sealed paver surface much easier and far more effective than unpaved surfaces.

Restoring Structural Integrity & Reducing Erosion

An integral part of the process behind our paver sealing services is to re-sand the joints prior to application of sealant. Polymeric sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand. Once the polymeric sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints. This firm bond maintains pavers securely in place, being equally effective on both horizontal and sloped surfaces. It also withstands erosion due to climatic conditions, such as wind, rain, and freezing temperatures, making it an easy way to prevent insect penetration and weed sprouting.

Enhancing the Beauty of Pavers with Proper Sealing

Aesthetically, there is no question that a properly sealed brick paver surface looks better than its un-sealed counterpart does. When you turn to us for your paver sealing services and brick paver maintenance, you will notice a substantial deepening of the stones natural color, as well as a crisp elegant look that can be completed in your choice of finishes.

If you are looking for brick paver sealing companies in St. Charles, Illinois and surrounding areas, contact Nu Again Pavers to request our paver sealing services at your location. We are available to work with clients within a 50-mile radius.

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