Design Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Patio

Patios are one of the best and most desired hardscape additions to a home. They make your outdoor space look and feel larger and provide you with the perfect area for outdoor entertaining, relaxation and family dining.

In addition to your beautiful brick paver patio, your outdoor space just wouldn’t feel complete without the right landscaping, which will add impact to your patio and dial up your enjoyment of your outdoor oasis.

However, you don’t want to make the wrong choices when it comes to landscaping. Instead of adding to the beauty of the space you can inadvertently take away from its comfort with the wrong plant and flower choices. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or are hiring a professional landscaper, here are some dos and don’ts to consider when flower and shrub shopping.

*Choose fragrant flowers and shrubs. Plant them close by to intensify the experience or farther away for a more subtle effect.
*Patios offer the opportunity to view plants close-up, so containers and nearby beds are the ideal way to appreciate plants with delicate colors, leaves or flowers.
*Pick four-season plants. Opt for plants that offer four-season interest. Small evergreens, evergreens that flower, and trees and shrubs with interesting bark colors and textures are good choices.

*Choose sharp or spikey plants.
*Use plants with unpleasant aromas.
*Plant fast-growers too close. You want plants that fill out and provide a lush look, but fast-growers can quickly begin to intrude into your living space.

Caring for your patio is as important as caring for your flower garden. Keep it looking fresh and new with brick paver maintenance from Nu-Again. Our business offers only the best services available, making sure that we use the right products for your hardscape. Contact us at the first sign of brick paver patio problems.

Creating a Truly Unique Space

If you want a truly personalized sidewalk with a greater curb appeal than the typical straight and narrow walkway, concrete pavers are the answer. They can transform a space, giving you the versatility to form walkways with gentle curves, unique patterns and custom widths. The same goes for a driveway. Everyone has a plain, poured concrete space. Set your home apart from the rest of your community with a beautiful driveway created from patio pavers.  Concrete pavers also help define planting beds, making them ideal for both garden paths and entryways.

Whether you’re creating a pathway to your front door, your pool, barbeque, garage, courtyard, gardens or patio entrance, walkway patio pavers are the perfect solution. Besides being beautiful and versatile, there are several other reasons to consider installing them around your home.

  • They are very affordable and suit any budget
  • They are weather and slip resistant
  • Very low in maintenance
  • Lighter colored pavers are cooler for walkways, especially around a pool
  • Walkway pavers will not deteriorate from freeze thaw cycle
  • Long lasting, especially in high traffic areas

Another major benefit of patio pavers is their ease of restoration and repair. As with anything outdoors that faces sun, snow, rain and wind, their appearance can fade over time and start to look old and worn. Brick paver repair services from Nu-Again will transform your weathered walkways and restore them to their original beauty.

Restore the Beauty of Your Hardscape

Brick pavers make a beautiful addition to your home’s walkway, driveway and/or outdoor patio. They not only elevate the curb appeal of your house, but they add value as well. With so many styles, colors and pattern choices available, hardscaping your property with brick pavers allows you to really personalize your space; whereas with poured concrete, you’re getting a flat, unoriginal surface.

As with many areas of your home, especially those outdoors that face the elements of sun, wind, snow and rain, your brick hardscape can show signs of aging, and other issues, if not cared for properly. When time and Mother Nature have left your brick driveway or poolside patio looking old and worn, it’s time for a restoration, which will leave it looking new and fresh in no time at all.

At Nu-Again, we specialize in bringing new life back to your weather-worn hardscape utilizing Techni-Seal sealer. Our process includes cleaning the surface utilizing state of the art cleaning equipment and the Nu-Again Restoration System, refilling gaps with polymeric sand, which prevents water erosion, weeds and damage caused by insects, and finally, sealing the bricks to prevent staining and enhance their natural color and appearance.

In time, un-sealed pavers begin to look worn, faded, and dull. Properly restored pavers will renew the surface color and provide a protective barrier from the elements and their damaging effects. Avoid having to replace your brick pavers with regular brick paver sealing when necessary with Nu-Again and Techni-Seal sealer.

Why Properly Sealing Your Brick Pavers is Essential

brick paver maintenanceInstalling brick pavers for your driveway or walkway is a great aesthetic and cost-effective choice, but if you really want to ensure that the beauty of your pavers stands the test of time they need to be properly sealed. Hiring our paver restoration team to seal your brick pavers will help you when it comes to:

Maintaining Structural Integrity

Even though your brick pavers are much sturdier than other types of paving material, they are still susceptible to erosion from weather conditions and everyday wear and tear. There is also the possibility of weeds growing up through the pavers and compromising the structural integrity of your driveway.

Properly sealing your pavers protects them from the abuse of wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. In addition, paver sealant can slow down the growth of weeds, algae and moss.

Enhancing the Aesthetic of Your Pavers

Brick pavers are made from semi-porous material, making them vulnerable to staining and marking. By undergoing our sealing process, you can prevent the absorption of stains and keep your driveway looking great for years to come.

Properly sealed pavers are also more aesthetically pleasing than unsealed pavers. Sealant prevents the colors from fading and in fact deepens the stones’ natural color. The sealing can also be completed using your desired finish for a polished, elegant look.

Making Brick Paver Maintenance Easier

Applying the proper sealant also makes brick paver maintenance easier over time. For more information about brick paver sealing and maintenance, contact our team today.

The Benefits of Installing a Brick Paver Walkway or Driveway

restoring faded paversWhen it comes to installing a new driveway or walkway, you have a ton of options. The most common material used is poured concrete, but you should consider other options. Interlocking brick pavers have many advantages over concrete, including:

Aesthetic – Pavers come in wide variety of styles, allowing you to create a look that is as simple or elaborate as you’d like. They are also available in many more colors than poured concrete. In the end, installing brick pavers over concrete will give your home much more curb appeal.


Pavers are excellent for high traffic areas like the driveway or front walkway because they are extremely durable. Concrete has a tendency to crack, which will cost you more money in repairs over time. Pavers not only hold their color better, but they can also shift with the earth, allowing your driveway to remain intact.


The maintenance and installation costs of brick pavers are a fraction of what you would pay for concrete. When your concrete walkways are damaged, you have to re-pour the entire area, whereas individual brick pavers can be lifted out and replaced when they are damaged. They are also much less prone to staining and other types of permanent damage.


Brick pavers have a much more abrasive surface than poured concrete, making them much safer to walk on when wet. When used around a pool area, they make the space significantly safer.

If you pavers were improperly sealed and they begin to fade, call our paver restoration company. We are experts at restoring faded pavers and sealing them to prevent any future damage. Contact our team today to request an estimate.

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